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Design & Development

PRINT: Time is a scarce and precious resource. Readers will decide in a second or two, or perhaps even a split second, whether or not a ad is worth their time. After all, there are 30 more pages to go through in the publication, few more magazines in the stack waiting to be read. You face keen competition for the eyes and minds of your target audience and we understand the importance to stand out among the clutter of the print ads. At PLanman Marcom make sure that even few words and few pictures can make big impact and effectively present the key proposition.

OUTDOOR: Doesn't this sound interesting? Some one is waiting at the traffic signal and you are telling him about your product benefits, plans, latest offer, your new location etc etc.. Outdoor advertising commonly referred as the Out -of- Home industry or outdoor media works on the philosophy that "If I may require you I will see you the third time I pass that lane." From billboards to wall posters, from bus backs to skywriting, from elastic bands on disposable diapers to stickers on apples in supermarkets, Planman Marcom can create ideas for you to leave the competition behind.

INTERNET: You caught them traveling, you caught them reading, and now you catch them surfing! We tie together both the creative and technical aspects of the internet. Using effective tools like popup, flash banners, advergaming and email advertisements.