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ICMR was established in the year 1996 to revolutionize the way companies look at research. Founded by the eminent economist and management guru Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri to provide market research services amalgamated with consulting inputs. ICMR is a holistic solution provider from identification of problem areas to implementation of consulting solutions.  From market intelligence (product information, competitive strategy and overall market environment) inputs to  strategic consulting, ICMR caters to a wide gamut of clients from corporates  to government bodies.

ICMR started its operation in the field of economic research with a dedicated business group called Economic Research Group (ERG) which dealt with various macro, micro and socio-economic researches. We then diversified into commercial and corporate market research.

Today with various divisions of ICMR we are able to provide end to end research solutions customized according to the requirements of our clients. We have the following divisions at ICMR which are the areas of our specialization:

Brand and Consumer Research

1. Market Entry Strategy Development 

We provide a detailed and overall understanding of the market and help in strategic decisions making. Various modules that can be identified as our strength areas include:

  • Demand Estimation
  • Mapping competition
  • Price mapping of competing products
  • Entry routes to market
  • Trade Practices
  • Competitive Communication

2. Marketing Consulting for New Product Development 

ICMR provides an exhaustive consulting regarding launch of new products by estimating the demand and acceptability of the new products. The insights provided by us help clients to modify and enhance the product and the marketing strategy to suit consumers’ requirements. ICMR is also capable of developing marketing efforts that fit into the overall business objectives of the client. The followings are the areas where ICMR has specialized to cater specific client needs.

  • Concept Test
  • Brand-Name Test
  • Product Benchmarking Test
  • Blind Product Test
  • Package Design Test
  • Price Sensitivity Research
  • Feasibility and Risk Management Studies

3. Consumer Behaviour Studies

This component is another strength area of ICMR to provide a complete understanding of the consumer motivations for choice and usage of the product/brand, various user segments and the perceived benefits of the product. ICMR uses both quantitative and qualitative techniques to fulfill this.

  • Usage and Attitude Study
  • Segmentation Studies

 4. Brand Health Studies

ICMR has substantial experience in brand health studies. Comprehensive brand tracking studies include:

  • Consumption and purchase habits of the product category
  • Awareness and trial of the brand under consideration
  • Motivators for the trial and Satisfaction with the brand
  • Purchase Intent of the brand
  • Position of the brand relative to its competitors
  • Advertising awareness and impact of ads
  • Image of the brand
  • Key areas of improvement in customer contact
  • Brand/Image indications which can be used to leverage Strengths of the brand
  • Critical sales incidence

5. Customer Satisfaction Studies

ICMR provides an exhaustive customer satisfaction studies to understand the expectations and needs of the consumers. We measure the level of satisfaction for a specific product or a service and identify the gaps between expectations and the experiences and in turn help the clients to raise their offerings for gaining higher level of consumer loyalty. Our methodologies include:

  • Customer Delight Score
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Intent to Recommend the product
  • Loyal Customer Vs. Disloyal Customer profiles
  • Gap analysis to identify problem areas
  • SWOT analysis for the product

6. Corporate Image & Brand Positionong Studies

This includes:

  • Corporate Image Studies
  • Value Mapping
  • Brand Mapping
  • Brand Positioning

7. Perception Analysis or Consumer Psyche

ICMR helps its clients through:

  • Providing insights about the consumers’ perception and to design a stronger and compelling selling propositions based on the analysis.
  • To identify consumer’s motivational factors.
  • To reach the target audience with more focused strategies.

8. Mystery Shopping

Applied Economic Research

1. Industry and infrastructure related studies

  • Demand forecasting using econometric techniques
  • Input-output modeling
  • Identification of priority geographical market
  • Impact analysis of various schemes
  • Tourism planning and development
  • Study on infrastructure development
  • Public-private partnership
  • Urban and regional planning

2. Trade sector

  • Trade barriers both domestic as well as international.
  • Trade and economic co-operation between countries
  • WTO issues

Social Sector Research

  • Health studies
  • Caste and minority problems
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Rural development

Conducting Large Scale Survey

ICMR has skilled manpower and network throughout the country to conduct large scale surveys for its clients.

Media Research


The Human Resource at ICMR comes from a wide spectrum. Industry experts in the panel of ICMR share their strategic intelligent competency in the successful and critical analysis of industry specific projects.

Eight (8) full fledged offices across India and various associate offices in Class B & C cities endow us with unmatched reach and accessibility.

Why Us?

At ICMR we empower our research projects with an awesome content of strategic intent, which no other market research agency can ever compare. Being enabled with such core consulting competencies, our research assignments are focused on the corporate strategic objectives of our clients rather than on just data collection and interpretation. ICMR provides marketing solutions packaged with great emphasis on the core marketing issues. So, whether it is relationship building with the consumer or launching a new product in the international market, or simple conducting a sales restructuring, ICMR provides invaluable insights from a comprehensive point of view.

To help you in succeeding, we blend consumer understanding with a creative, disciplined and customized approach to market research. We offer a range of solutions-oriented tools that integrate technology, business needs and analytical capabilities to address specific business needs, enabling organizations to plan, analyze and execute successful marketing and sales strategies.


ICMR has a Pan India presence with 8 regional offices in metropolitan and semi metropolitan cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune. Our reach gets extended with strong network offices in Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Guwahati, Varanasi, Raipur, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhubhaneshwar, Ranchi, Dehradun, Nagpur, Panjim, Kochi, Agartala, Surat, Gwalior, Nasik, Mysore, Madurai, Vishakhapatnam, Hubli, Aurangabad, Kothapur and J&K.
ICMR's network is strongly supported by a team consisting of 250 researchers, 500 supervisors and 1500+ investigators.


Academic Partner: IIPM

ICMR is a sister concern of The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM). IIPM was established in 1973 by Dr.M.K Chaudhuri (MSc, DSc, PhD). IIPM quoted as the world's largest business school by Financial Times, London; is one of the leading schools of India and a pioneer in market research with 9 campuses in 7 cities and with a student base of over seven thousand. A number of research activities have been undertaken in the past by the strategic alliance of IIPM and ICMR.

Social Sector Partner: The Great Indian Dream Foundation

Great Indian Dream Foundation is a social arm of IIPM which was established on 28th March, 2000. GIDF is a collaborative effort between IIPM faculty and its students which works in 300 villages and reaches out to over a million people. The key focus of GIDF are eradicating poverty, increasing employment and promoting health. GIDF and ICMR jointly undertakes research activities in social sector research.

Media Partner: Daily Indian Media

Through its media arm Planman Consulting publishes various fortnightly and monthly magazines namely Business and Economy, 4P's, The Sunday Indian, Human Factor, The India Economy Review, Strategic Innovators and Need the Dough. ICMR has been involved in extensive researches which are published in these magazines. Few of these researches include:

  • India's 10 Best Business Hotel
  • 100 Most Powerful Human Beings
  • India's Most Valuable Brands
  • India's Most Profitable Companies


Namita Chhetri
President- ICMR
B.Com (Honours), M.A., M.B.A

Namita Chhetri is currently the President, Indian Council for Market Research at Planman Consulting.

Namita is a connoisseur in Marketing Management and Research with a sound base of theoretical knowledge and practical experience which strengthens her to provide successful solutions to marketing related industry problems. Namita is one of the first members of ICMR. She is an eminent faculty member of IIPM, regularly delivering lectures at IIPM on Marketing Management and Market Research.

She has been instrumental in directing, guiding and conducting long term researches. Her understanding of the economic and marketing indicators is immaculate and therefore pivotal in designing appropriate strategies for various corporates.

A multi talented consultant, she has been critically contributing not just to the knowledge base of the corporate world but also has been providing consulting in the area of Marketing Management, Research and consulting. Her creative bent and experience in the field of Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research is impeccable. Apart from her consulting involvements which also includes key account management Namita is an integral part of a core team at Planman.

She has been associated with ICMR for the last eight years. During her stint, she has been instrumental in developing and servicing clients like NCAER, Jagson airlines, Godfrey Phillips, Akai, The Chadha group, Sony, Purolitor, Fuji and many more…

Shivalee Kaushik
Research Head: Daily Indian Media
B.Sc Botany (H), MIS, M.B.A.

Shivalee Kaushik has been associated with Planman Consulting for the last 4 years. She has wide experience in the field of socio-economic and marketing consulting projects for various Government bodies and brands. She has been actively involved in guiding nation wide researches under her leadership. Her in-depth knowledge on the current economic indicators especially with respect to international trade policies and issues has helped to her to undertake vast studies on the feasibility of Free trade agreements between India and other nations like ASEAN, US, GCC, Pakistan and others. She has therefore been influential in recommending steps and measures to improve India’s international trade prospects. Apart from this she has also provided consulting to corporate houses like that of Haryana Tourism, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Consumer Voice, Hutch, Sleepwell, IIT Delhi, ICRIER and many more.

Currently as the Research Head at Daily Indian Media, she has conducted various rankings and listings that are published in the 4Ps Business and Marketing magazine. She holds distinction in carrying out large scale prominent researches such as India’s 100 Most Valuable Brands.

The Sunday Indian a weekly magazine incorporates mass opinion polls conducted by her team on a regular basis across the country. These opinion polls are a regular feature in the magazine. Apart from this, she has been conducting various secondary studies for the Business & Economy magazine.

Subrata Bandyopadhyay
Sr. Research Manager
M.A. (Economics)

Subrata Bandyopadhyay has more than 10 years of experience in socio-economic research. He was associated with a large scale household as well as industrial survey at National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) for more than three years in various capacities. He has worked for various prestigious research projects of Indian government as well as from industries during his tenure in NCAER. Some of the important projects are India Science Report, Market Information Survey of Household (MISH), etc. He was also associated with a few other reputed Organizations like NISTADS (a constituent establishment of CSIR), indiastat.com, etc. Given the diversity of the studies he worked on, he acquired a reputable expertise on Indian data - primary as well as secondary. He also had extensive interaction with sponsors both from industry and the government. His core areas of research are large scale survey, calculation of sample size and in developing survey instrument, identification the data gaps and generating methodologies for generating them, primary & Secondary data analysis, formulation and application of modern statistical methods and techniques to collect and analyze primary and secondary data.