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medi STARS

MEDI STARS A revolutionary project presenting the best of the Indian Health Industry, including hospitals, pharma companies, OTC brands, medical equipment companies & health related insurance companies.

MEDI STARS is the first project in India which will act as an interface between medical & health fraternity and consumers. The project is aimed at providing better understanding of the growing demand of the healthcare industry in India. Consumers will make more informed decisions and healthcare companies will benefit through profiling.

Research Methodology

MEDI STARS has evolved after years of rigorous research and brain storming. First time ever path breaking concepts like Star Factor and Trust factor have been included in the book. The research to list the top MEDI STARS of India, national as well as regional, will be an extensive survey which would be done pan India.

The parameters would be:

Trust Research & Development



The survey will be taking into consideration the consumer feedback about each big name in the field of Medicine. Apart from that we have specialised tie-ups with various top notch organizations that have helped us not only get consumer perspective but also some insight on the health industry.

The book would be distributed in 35 countries across the globe. This endeavour would emphatically influence the consumers abroad and hence give a boost to the Indian Medical Industry.