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POWERBRANDS is a research driven power book of India’s most powerful brands. A brand bible which garners the country’s most aspirational brands which have fortified their presence in the hearts and minds of the Indian consumers making them their most favorite brands.

POWERBRANDS is a power book to reflect the soul of each brand so as to bridge the gap between the perceptions of the consumer and the brands.Without a well crafted brand profile, a brand may not seem attractive enough to suit their best markets and fortify their presence amongst the consumers; hence it is adequate to carve a suitable brand perception in order to attract the respective target audience. POWERBRANDS is a pristine initiative that will act as a strategic tool in reinforcing the supremacy, legacy, sustainability and credibility of brands.

The greatest book on brands has evolved after a rigorous research and brain storming of 5 years. First time ever path breaking concepts like Power Meter have been included in the book. The research to list the top POWERBRANDS of India, national as well as international brands, was one of the most extensive surveys done pan India over a research base of 20 centres and 5000 respondents. It was the first brand study ever to encompass 9 different parameters to establish a brand's credibility. Parameters most essential to the survival, revival, growth and revolution of a brand.

The survey conducted was a one-on-one consumer survey taking into consideration the consumer feedback about each brand in order to build the consumer connect with each brand.

The book will offer the Indian readers a never before experienced interpretation about the brands on the most exhilarating writing and an extraordinary style of design and production complementing the theme of the book, 'Evolution to Revolution'. A world class designed and produced coffee table format for book lovers and the influentials and a paperback format for every person interested in brands and marketing.


POWERBRANDS of India will be launched as a book by Daily Indian Media Pvt. Ltd. in association with the Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR). POWERBRANDS of India will list the top 200 brands of India. The listing however, is based on a perception based survey conducted by ICMR along with the IIPM Think Tank. The parameters are based on high recall value, brand awareness, brand image and perception, brand performance and brand association.

The survey was conducted in different stages:

Stage 1: The survey was initiated by preparing a list of 40,000 (the list included national, international and regional brands) brands across India under 40 different categories and 108 sub-categories. The initial list of 1,500 brands was created based on the reach, availability, demand and growth (in at least the four metros and Bengaluru).A survey was conducted amongst 10,000 respondents based on the parameters of Brand Awareness and Brand Preference in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

The respondents were asked to select the brands based on the parameters of Brand Awareness and Brand Preference. Based on the frequency of the brands selected under these parameters the ICMR team short listed the top 200 brands.

Stage 2: The second phase of the study was initiated after tabulating the top 200 brands. A structured questionnaire was formed and one-on-one interviews were carried out with 6000 respondents in 16 cities (Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Lucknow, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Cochin, Dehradun, Pune and Chennai) across India. In order to avoid any biasness, the order of the brands was changed for each of the cities. Each of the cities was divided into 4 zones namely North, South, East and West to ensure complete coverage of the city in terms of the target audience.

The number of respondents covered was divided based on SEC (Socioeconomic classification – based on the education and occupation) and the number of male and female respondents. Apart from this the monthly income of the respondents was also taken into consideration. In case of the respondents such as housewives, students etc. the monthly income of the Chief Wage Earner (CWE-Head of Household) has been taken into account. Respondent profiling was laid down for each of the categories prior to the initiation of the survey.

This survey took into account the Brand Equity of the brands through the parameters of Brand Image & Perception, Brand Performance, Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness and the Brand Association (The parameter of Brand performance and Brand association was rated by the editorial team of Daily Indian Media and IIPM Think Tank). The respondents rated each of the brands on the given parameters on a scale of 1-5 (where 1 is low and 5 is high on the parameter).

Stage 3: Based on the results from Stage 2, the top 200 brands across the different categories were selected. In order to signify the relevance of a brand being designated as a POWERBRAND, another survey was conducted to calculate the scores for the Powermeter for each of the brands. The broad parameters taken under consideration were Brand Recall, Legacy/Goodwill of the brand and Brand Impact. Based on the number of brands registered under each category, ICMR conducted a survey amongst a sample size of 5000 consumers in 10 cities pan India (the respondent profiling was done individually for the categories).

The technique of Simple Random and Snowball sampling – (for certain categories) was used for the survey. Each of the 3 above mentioned parameters was further sub-divided into parameters wherein the scores for the sub-parameters were consolidated to give the final score.

The survey generated the scores for each brand on the parameters of Brand Recall, Brand Legacy/Goodwill and Brand Impact.

Apart from the Powermeter, the brands were categorized based on the follower- ship index (loyalty), lifecycle meter (classification into 3 zones) and the peeping toms (new entrants and brands posing as a threat to other brands).