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Making a mark with the most discerning clientele, for whom the base logics of consumerism fail to work, is a mammoth task to be undertaken. Aggravated with the skyrocketing cost of advertisement in mass media such as print, television and radio marketing – Your brand needs to be a class apart in order to have a clientele with refined tastes to whom luxury is a way of life. Attracting customers who are the decision makers of India being the suave gentry and having an eye for perfection, advertising in a mass medium does not have the desired effect, much less the brand pull.

Cutting through the jargon and establishing a-connect with your target audience, we present Power Brands Lifestyle and Luxury - An urbane brand bible featuring only the most luxurious brands which form the desires and form the fantasies of your polished and sophisticated clientele.

Reaching out to the niche clientele through regular media channels seems only out-of-place which is further degraded with the lifespan of the media channel being short-lived. Focusing on the top-end clientele with the regular media channels has astronomical odds of connecting with them but also does not seem fitting to attract and retain your clientele.

Presented in a world class format augmented by elegantly written brand portfolios that would bridge the gap between the consumer and the brand in the most poignant manner while having a collectors value about itself, Power Brands Lifestyle and Luxury promises to be a medium much beyond the most powerful book on luxurious brands but being the influencer helping your brand connect with its core consumer group. Featuring a layout high on content as well as supported amply by hi-resolution imagery, carving a superior brand profile that not only becomes a book that re-defines luxury but also promises to extend that value through the years of shelf-life it offers. Presenting your brand profile in a world class design that cuts through the clutter and differentiates your brand while connecting with your target clientele – Power Brands Lifestyle and Luxury will be the archetype of affluence.