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After the successful introduction of POWERBRANDS 2010-2011, Power Brands 360 is offering brands to showcase themselves through the POWERBRANDS TV.

Power Brands 360 already is a total communication solution for all brands which have been listed in POWERBRANDS 2010-11. Two different book formats (Coffee Table and Corporate edition) will be made available along with an online presence. We take great pride in introducing the revolutionary POWERBRANDS TV, the most powerful brand imagery tool in the country.

For all brands selected in the POWERBRANDS, STAR BRANDS and MEGA BRANDS 2010-2011 projects, POWERBRANDS TV is a third party endorsement commercial which would be available in both electronic and print format. The electronic format video can be used by brands for internal presentation, website marketing, shareholders presentation and most importantly national and international television advertising.

POWERBRANDS TV will produce the commercial on the basis of the brand’s USP as communicated with POWERBRANDS. This information provided will further be researched across the country for consumer validation and the commercial shall be made available to the brands.

The Brands can thereafter use the POWERBRANDS TV video for any form of broadcasting. POWERBRANDS shall additionally make a 3rd Party commercial for print incorporating the research results and the USP provided, if desired by the brand.

Research for POWERBRANDS TV will be conducted by ICMR (Indian Council for Market Research) based on quality, availability and value provided to customers.

POWERBRANDS TV video and print commercial is on the sole usage discretion of the brand and commercial spots are to be purchased by the brands themselves with broadcast, online and print mediums. Brands will have to bear the cost of production and the pan India research. POWERBRANDS TV and Print will follow similar production for all brands, but the concept will vary depending upon the brand's USP and other propositions. The pan India research process to make the commercial shall also be handed over to the brands.