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REGIONAL STARS 2010-2011 will feature the Most Prominent & Powerful Brands in their specific region. It gives recognition to the most prominent brands across industries and sub-industries chosen by the Indian consumers. It is a compilation of companies that have created immense faith and trust amongst consumers thereby fortifying their presence in their regional markets.

REGIONAL STARS will be a unique blend of innovative concepts, complemented by an unparalleled style of writing, the editorial team of POWERBRANDS will form a panel (the panel consists of the editor of Planman and senior members of regional teams) and will nominate the top brands across sectors based on the parameters of demand, image, availability, advertising spends /visibility in the market and feedback from industry leaders and consumers.

It’s the first Brand Project in the world to be featuring and encouraging regional brands making REGIONAL STARS 2010-2011 the most desired brand project.