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The first project in the world in different format encompassing both consumer and business brands from every different industry, which have created the most impact.

Star Brands is the pioneering project in India on the Most Impactful and strong Brands across all industries and sub-industries. The project is a research-oriented summation across industries chosen by the Indian Consumers. Star Brands is an annual property based on research with the consumers to select the strongest brands that created the most impact in the year.

Star Brands 2010-2011 will be the most powerful tool of brand communication and imagery. It is already regarded as the most powerful tool for the most impactful and strong brands in the country. The uniqueness also lies in the four different formats that companies qualify to be in. They are the revolutionary Power TV, online, 2-book format (coffee table and the corporate edition).

A Star Brand 2010-2011 gets the status of prestigious Star Brand, chosen by the Indian consumers, which is regarded as an extremely powerful tool of brand imagery. It generates greatest trust and faith of consumers and increases shareholder values. The strongest and most impactful brands from each industry will be taken in the project.

Star Brands 2010-2011 manifests the Most Impactful Brands of India for the year 2010-2011. It is the most well written and admirably researched project in India. Star Brands is a pristine initiative that will act as a strategic tool in reinforcing the supremacy, legacy, sustainability & credibility of brands.

The Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR) conducted research across India on four parameters:



3)Recall Perception

4)Impact on Consumers.

The selected brand will get the status of a prestigious Star Brand 2010-11, chosen by the Indian consumers, which is regarded as an extremely powerful tool of brand imagery. It generates the utmost trust and faith of consumers and increases shareholder values. It is already regarded as an influential tool for the Most Impactful Brands in the country. The uniqueness also lies in the four different formats that companies qualify to be in which are the revolutionary Power TV, Website, 2-book formats (Coffee Table and the Corporate Edition). By being a Star Brand, the selective brand qualifies also for the revolutionary and most sought after Power TV.


Star Brands, the greatest project on brands has evolved after a rigorous research and brain storming of 5 years. The perception survey was conducted by ICMR to list the top Star Brands of India, national as well as international brands, one of the most extensive surveys done pan India over a research base of 22 centers. It’s the first project in the world in different formats and encompasses every industry in business and consumer brands.

Phase 1 – Short listing Methodology

The first phase of the survey was conducted across India in 22 cities wherein the survey was initiated by generating a list of 5000 (for the category of consumer brands) and a list of 2500 brands (for the category of Business brands) most visible and impactful brands across 40 different categories and over 100 sub-categories. The sample was randomly selected for the survey and the survey was conducted in specific zones with equal distribution in North, South, East and West of India. The consumer brands were shortlisted after direct research with consumers in respective target market, distributors and retailers. The Business brands were surveyed with the industry . The second phase of the survey was taken forward from the list of the 5000 (B2C) and 2500 (B2B) brands generated. Here, we would like to mention that the top most brands were segregated from the list and the second line of brands was considered. Thereafter, a list of 400 brands was generated by conducting a survey in the 5 metros and tier2 cities (e.g. Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Indore, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal etc) of India amongst a sample of 18,000 respondents on the parameters of brand recall, perception, product innovation and impact. The respondent profiling for these brands was primarily from the SEC A1, A2, B1, B2 and C. The respondents were a good mix of both male and females. However, the ratio varied depending upon the specific categories. Also, the occupation and household income of the respondents was taken under consideration again based on the category covered. The survey was conducted using a structured questionnaire amongst a randomly selected sample (In certain cases judgmental & snowball sampling techniques was used based on the category).

Phase 2 – Research Post Selection (Star Factor Research)

This research is for final brands selected for the Star Brands Project. This is a direct target consumer research on the Star Factors of the selected brand. The final phase of the survey wherein the target market of each of the brands would be contacted pan-India and customized brands survey would be conducted. The questionnaires and final analysis of the research would be handed over to the respective organizations of a select sample (of the total sample) of consumers. In case of B2B also a select sample (of the total sample) of target market questionnaires and analysis would be handed over. The survey may be customized in terms of the cities and respondents to be covered. (No change would however be made in the questionnaire) The Star-Factor of the brands would be judged on the parameters of brand Trust, Recall, Awareness, Image, Impact, Innovations and Reach. Each of the brands would be analyzed on the above-mentioned parameters. The qualitative report will be published in the project of STAR Brands and the quantitative along with qualitative analysis will be given to the brands for their reference.


a) Status of STAR BRANDS INDIA 2010

b) Both the formats of the book will ensure great visibility with consumers, prospects and the entire corporate across India

c) Only being in the book, a brand qualifies for the revolutionary POWER TV, used by top brands for the most effective brand communication and brand imagery.

d) Selected Star Brands 2010-2011 can request for their 3rd party commercial made by POWER TV. (POWER TV will conduct research and produce the commercial on the USP of the brand)

e) FREE interactive PR on the Star Brands website and usage of powerful tools on the net.

f) Complete Brand Health Study with direct Target Market (STAR FACTOR).

g) A coverage in the special edition of 4Ps Business and Marketing magazine showcasing the most impact creating brands of India.


1) The biggest reach possible with the two formats. The COFFEE TABLE format reaches to real enthusiasts, corporate and the influentials. The CORPORATE EDITION format is to reach out to masses reading and living brands and marketing. The revolutionary POWER TV (3rd Party Endorsement video from Powerbrands) will make a brand reach out to consumer with driving points of USP more effectively. Listing and PR in the Starbrands 2010-2011 website.

2) Extensive marketing will ensure that Starbrands is established as a huge brand from the very first year. The Starbrands LOGO shall be given tremendous emphasis for consumer validation at its best.

3) Being there in the book in an innovative manner will mean that the readability factor will be much higher.

4) The book will be there in bookshops, retail stores for 1year. It’s the most cost effective method of doing real high quality branding. Being associated with a huge brand book fortifies the brand credibility

5) Due to the reach that STARBRANDS shall achieve with both formats of the book, it will be great tool to attract the best talent from the industry and others.

6) The book will include the top marketing brains of the world like Martin Lindstorm, Laura Ries, Martin Roll, Tom Peters, etc. writing on their favourite brands along with providing insight on branding giving a global perspective to the brands present in the book.

7) POWER TV video can be used for internal communication, shareholder presentation, other communication and most importantly as Advertising on National TV. A third party endorsement Video is highly trusted and proved to deliver the greatest Brand Imagery.

8) As a digital edge, listing and regular PR of selected Star Brands 2010-2011 will ensure great brand imagery.

9) It will be available in all the top bookstores across India. Since it will be in a Coffee Table format, it will be available across all the top Coffee Chains across India, at all the advertising and PR agencies and also at all the management institutions. The corporate edition will ensure huge volume sales.

10) Star Brands would be marketed and promoted extensively with the help of world-class collaterals to make it reach to the best in the country. This will provide the best branding to your brand.